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gennaio 2005





Written and directed by François Bruzzo
Auditorium MART (Rovereto)

Realization silicone costumes for the show.

original Burka from Afghanistan MCM
Il mio futuro abito da sposa
My future wedding dress
Burka silicone
Burka silicone decorated with drops of glass
<> The Theater of Bruzzo Francois stage in Rovereto
"The Swing", harsh reality of women.

ROVERETO - was held at "Melotti" Rovereto, the first of the play "The Swing: framework of women with bride ", written by Francois Bruzzo, director and professor of French literature and theater at the Graduate Institute of Feltre (IULM). The curtain is closed, an hour after the incipit, the applause and have begun already contacted other centers for a tour of Trentino. The Swing: symbol of girls and women been re-enactment of a past innocent and joyful unfortunately denied to many, a serenity later torn apart by the events, speaks more of the protagonists and stands between them as totems. Six women with no name dominate the scene: the woman-hanging who-sews, weaves that - (the Fates with wire and scissors?), which as-that-walks, The elderly woman in a wheelchair on the sidelines, behind her the swing. The elderly continue to intervene, trying to launch some incomprehensible message, interrupted by the calls off of girl who seems to call for help: she is a child? is the child's voice for all women present? Other women tell: their word evokes oppression, violence, deprivation, crime, slavery ancient and new. Nameless, left the story escaping their female destiny built by the company and denigrated by the male, whose domain and vocation are evoked by the looming destruction marches and the military orders, the grating sound of gunfire, the red lights flashing of explosions also involve the audience stunned. The woman-bride awaits his clothes, and almost naked, is eventually covered by airlines with clothes and shoes, Burke silicon first joined East and West, also emphasize "the fictional gravity and the artificial permanence "of a compromise with history and with the masculine - Word false and domineering - in which women sacrificed no escape. The music accompanying and emphasize the paintings: soundtracks by Almodovar, evocative melodies of Arvo Pärt, the final song De Andre on the marriage of Joan of fire Arco. The work, commissioned to Bruzzo on 8 March, is intended to be spoken himself, even for the obvious (exaggerated?) provocation and the questions it leaves on real condition of women today.
N. R.