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"The assemblies "

Piazza del Signori, 26 - VICENZA
(Below Basilica)

Bar bag spare single Elvezia Allar
Just below the Palladian Basilica (where it is holding
the great exhibition of architecture dedicated to Steven Holl)
between the walls of Bar Bag shine until the end
This month the imaginative works of Elvezia Allar.
An artist who lives and works in Vicenza in via Pasini
16c and has invented a way of composing
artifacts using, among others, of materials such as
silicon and diamond pieces of precious
Vicenza famous firm of Bisazza. Among the creations
stands out as inspired by the tragic figure of the painter
Mexican Frida Kalo recalled in one of the most
known films at the Venice Film Festival Edition
this year. Unique pieces of Venice and its
quality proposals were concerned galleries
Milan and collectors overseas.
Marica Rossi - Giornale di Vicenza


The Elvezia Allari's assemblies attraction in the bar below Basilica
Vicenza and the Palladian Basilica. Swarms of strangers
climb the stairs to the exhibition of architecture
Steven Holl with his motivated designs. A visit
certainly not fast. Nothing better then do a
interlude in the bar below where, in addition to sample
cappuccino, you can look to the works
of Elvezia Allara, a local artists exhibited here
pieces with new materials like silicone and lids
cardboard. Thus it was for
a group of American tourists who have tangibly
appreciate the original even in recovering
objects such as buttons. Assemblies are embellished
mosaic tiles from Bisazza, which sometimes leave
space for fun, others lead to reflection
as that which refers to the Mexican painter
Frida Kalo, the tragic character that is inspired
work in wood and silicone that remains exposed among
others in this exhibition at the Bar stock at 26 Square
Lords, all this month. The Allar has also in
spent his creations in the Gallery in Milan
Christian Arienti.
Marica Rossi - Giornale di Vicenza