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gennaio 2005





Ines Thomas

Resume meetings and projections to the experimental room the Waterfront Filmclub in via Santa Maria Assunta (Porto Astra). Like every Tuesday evening is organized by the Independent Film & Video Padua, able to promote events very original and enriched by parallel events.
Tonight at 21, is planning a meeting of art, fashion and design with the eccentric and talented local artists Allar Elvezia, well known abroad for his bizarre "clothes of irony" and more recently silicone wire cooked to make the body put expressive and communication tool.
Two models will be wearing these "dresses impossible" but incredibly sexy. The performance will be introduced by Sirius and Lugonbühl by Caterina Virdis Limentani, head of the Degree Course in Culture and Technology of fashion at the Dams of Padua, and François Bruzzo, professor of French literature and theater history at the University Feltre. At 22, by the Independent Film & Video, the masterpiece of the great French director Jacques Demy, unpublished work in Italy, "Peau d'Ane (Donkey Skin)" (France 1970), loosely adapted from the fairy tale Charles Perrault and starring a beautiful Catherine Deneuve. The evening is open to all.