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Elvezia Allari

Born in Schio (VI) in 1965, he attended the Art Institute
"G. Fabris "of Nove, specializing in ceramics.
Also obtains the operator status of restoration
Architectural Institute "Engim" in Vicenza.

Artist is quite eclectic in the choice of materials, both in testing various areas of research and expression, from 1995 to 2000 worked with the Theatrical Company "Ensemble" in Vicenza, creating sets for performances of Carlo Goldoni's works. In 2002, draws a line of Monili with mosaic tiles for Trend Group of P. Bisazza. In 2003 he created the silicone costumes , decorated with mosaic tiles, for the Society of Baone Street Theater (Pd).

Since Since 1994 he participated in important shows and set up many personal works In 2004 he attended the London Biennale 2004. In 2005 returns to the theater, creating the costumes for the silicon show "The Swing". Framework of women with bride by "François Bruzzo",prepared at the MART's Auditorium in Rovereto. Here present my future wedding dress made of silicone and floral decoration, one of his most appreciated. In 2006 he was selected to the Second Triennial of Textile in Bratislava, where he exhibited my silicone laundry, still on exhibition.

The works of Elvezia Allari they start from the woman imaginary , his ironic interpretation, from the fun language. The artist plays on the silicon or iron wire. Unusual materials, folded to hatch plots even read resistant clothing and accessories air cobwebs catching tesserae or crystals, or small objects of everyday life. Along a temporal imaginary bridge that looks set to ancient armor cooked in Eastern macramé and transparencies glamor of the third millennium.