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(IL GAZZETTINO DI PADOVA tuesday 6 february 2007)

Impossible dresses of Allari (of Ines Thomas)

Slip, bras, bodices, minidresses , tunics, spread over a long steel wire as the washing of those who wear a size 36, impossible dresses, created by the artist Elvezia Allari,made of silicone non-existent, fragiles, impalpablesbodies: the waterfront, during a performance introduced by Silvio Luginbuhl, the bizarre silicone and iron brick clothes were presented to the public in the conference hall. unfortunately it wasn't numerous as deserved an intelligent ,curious and free appointment like this. I wanted to show that woman is now in silicone also in the laundry - the creator Allari said - the silicone is like burqua for oriental women, behind which to hide. The provocation was launched with a fashion show in which two models have wear two different types of women-dummy, a witty and lively, the other dramatic and closed in its isolation. Irreverent creations - Caterina Virdis Limentani explains - they hide a reflection on women. The clothes say that the female universe is conditioned by eyes whose is wacthing. That plastic inside the woman tries to pass off as natural is presented now as a model of a body that fashion today requires above all to young and this is the controversy triggered by the gaze turned on and without mercyof young vicentina designer, that knows ironically dialogue with the strict rules of the priest.The wedding dress or tutu or in 'floral dress there is only the body bitter to Twiggy:Allari launches challenge against exasperation of a lifestyle now fled to the control,cause discomfort or even suicide. There followed the screening, premiere of a film ever sent out in Italy: "Peau d'Ane" by Jacques Demy, with Catherine Deneuve and Jean Marais, a great masterpiece that thanks to Lunginbuhl, the chosen few were able to see the other night .