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When the exhibition lifts the curtain

(Astra, a new exhibition space. With shows a corner to art. )

is really that the ways of the theater are infinite, which its mysterious secrets and exciting life stage has much to do with magic. Why such time in Vicenza, so small proportion of places for art shows, was a theater company to invent a new space exhibition. A corner inviting and well lit where the works of young talents can be seen enough to be selected by a public reserve part of their time to shows and performances of some culture. Good so the idea of placing the Piccionaia in the lobby of the Theatre Astra pieces of painting, graphics and culture, offering an opportunity unexpected who engages the visual arts with the brave intent of the trial. To open the curtain inedited experiment been the last few days Elvezia Allari. A nice Schio native girl now living in the city,long black hair and passion to create on paper, cloth and metal and materials such as gypsum,glass, lime, and even original tar works with references to the world of writing. Thus reveals a preparation that comes from art school and by an internship of craft attivity very useful to application of her knowledge. She is Fascinated by the different materials recovery and especially likes to reinvent Playing on the use of colors but preferes delicate combinations with frequent references to the whiteness of pure light. She however is not new to the exhibition experience ,from the personal to the two wheels and the gallery Cheiros. In the particular case of this exhibition at the theater Astra has exhibited six of the 21 tables on the interpretation feelings taking cue from the Goffredo Parise.