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Artists for re-use and recycling
Cooperativa sociale INSIEME

Starts again in January 2001 the chain of exhibitions “Artists for re-use and recycling” that this month hosts a very know artist in this city: Elvezia Allari. Object of the exhibition: Perpetous Recycle.
But what does it mean to be subjected to recycling an object or material, for the exhibition visitor?
On the exhibition’s manifestos appears to the public the nice work by Elvezia Allari “ The skeleton lady” inspired by an ancient inuit legend written in the book “ Women who run with wolves” by Clarissa Estès. “She couldn’t say then what it was, maybe the fire’s light or a lonely man. And with her hands, slowly, she started freeing it with the sweet words of a mother to her child:-here, here – first she freed the toes, then the heels –there, there- she continued through the night…” In Elvezia Allari’s works, the materials seem follow the same process and accomplishment; through the fingers, the song, the heart, these pieces of glass, these metal brawls, these broken bits of porcelain find a new life and meaning. “ AND YOU, how would YOU like to be recycled?” Elvezia asks her exhibition’s visitors.
As always the works are found in the sales area of the Cooperativa sociale Insieme, in amongst the other objects, clothes and furniture that are destined to be re used and recycled.
(January 2001)