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And YOU? Would you like to be recycled?
Look at me, at us, we all have a story to tell, found in different places and times, brought to the surface by a previous life.
Found and un-dressed carefully by our primary aspect and then to be dressed again in curious creativity, to become the most ambitious dress, us, poor materials as we are, become again pulsing and tense in the thought that the world becomes what we make of it.
Poor then, but only as a initial conception because each one of us owns that rich thing called knowledge sculpted in the personal fantasies of those who are not pleased in being seen as the banal and boring common object. And this, this is the passion that changes us, that mutes us, making sure that you, who look at things and invent your personal way of intending an object not only in its basic function but even playing with all the other original ideas that might be interesting for itís use.
And, if you accept this game as a provocation to what is already decided, as a victory of your personal fantasies and contraptions, as a desire of not letting you be told in one sole time everything that you are, so now tell me: and you? How would you like to be recycled?
Elenì Kaziki
(January 2001)