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Never feel content with what is already there, never let that sensation of wanting to look for new things and that continuous anxiety for having new sensations have a moments rest. Transformations that cross the holy imaginationís door undress the real and actual fact to feel it pulse to what comes always closer to what is a beating heart. Platted senses become an exciting whole that melts away from a personal significance to leave every soul to be submerged by fantasy. She is what she draws. The movements that she bores within her without being totally conscious about it, explode from her becoming her basic living necessity, and only then her creativity possesses itself of the most unusual materials to then appear in various forms, colours and meanings. Her impulsivity is the emissary and go-between to this creative energy that becomes the mutant of such a strong and ever changing sentiment, to escape decision.
Elenì Kaziki
(May 2001)