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Dress up in irony
Elvezia Allari, extravagant Vicenza artist, in these days is presenting her works in Padua in two exhibitions, where her silicone laces are protagonists. The first exhibition called “ Art and fashion, useless walks” is shown at the piano Nobile of the Caffè Pedrocchi until the 8th of November. The second, presented the evening of Friday the 5th of November with a performance by the artist Alicià, called “Dressed in irony” and was set – up by From. Clothes and object clothing and accessories produced by the swift movements of the hand pouring hot silicone. High – tech laces for the art our time. To play with the transparent factor, with the see non see effect, but especially with double senses. To make of the body a way of expressing ones self, instrument of communication, sustaining element for the work of art in progress. Elvezia Allari creates clothes, collars, picture frames, brooches, bags, necklaces and bracelets realised in silicone the inglobulates very often pieces of glass and pearls. Unique and funny pieces, that anybody could wearto give an original touch to their personal style. “if I lived 40 years ago, the artist reveals, I would’ve used different materials. Silicone today seems to me as the best thing to describe me.” I like playing with double meanings when I title my works, the saving bikini has a double meaning and use to it, not only as a bikini but even as a life saver in case you should drown. The flat piece of clothing called “upon your mirror” may be put against a window as a curtain, letting the filter through the holes created by the silicone, that against the light looks like crystal. Other double pieces of clothing may be used as lamp shades. The bags may be used and then be washed with water and soap, I mean, for example at the disco they light up!” On show even “my white Christmas dress” with even lights applied to it that light up in different ways and candid white flowers, “the siliconed washing”, “the tarantula dress”. Clothes to be looked at with fun and irony, “my lamp dress”, “the peckish dress”, the “ my future wedding dress”, “walking with my custard”, “the strawberry-licious” neck lace that makes you feel peckish. Allari knows how to creatively transform consonate forms, giving life to cold materials, that in a space then manage to silently make their presence known. Really original are even her bracelets, always in silicone with glass stones, mosaic bits and gold leaf. Until the 30th of November, DaFrom, Via del Santo, 9 (Padua)

Fiorenza Conti
(La Domenica di Vicenza - 6th November 2004)