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At bar Borsa Elvezia Allariís unique pieces
Right under the Palladian Basilica (where at the moment is hold a very large architectural exhibition dedicated to Steven Holl) inside Bar Borsaís four walls shine until the end of this month Elvezia Allariís creative works. An artist who lives and works in Vicenza in Contrŗ Pasini, 16c and who has invented for herself a way of making pieces of art serving herself, in amongst others, of materials like silicone and of the precious shiny mosaic chips of the famous Vicenza factory Bisazza. In amongst the creations emerges one inspired by the tragic figure of the Mexican artist Frida Kalo revoked in one of the most famous films at the Venice Film Festival in this years edition. In the unique Venetian pieces and of their quality propositions are interested Milan galleries and extra-continental collectioners.
Marica Rossi
(Giornale di Vicenza - September 2002)