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The Elvezia Allari's assemblies of refer to bar under Basilica
Vicenza and the Palladian Basilica.Clumps of foreigners step up the stairs to the exhibition of architecture by Steven Holl with his motivated designs. A visit by no means fast. Nothing better to do then a break in the confidence bar where, in addition to try the cappuccino, you can look to the Elvezia Allari's works, a local artists exhibited here which pieces with new materials such as silicon and lids of boxes cardboard. So it was with a group of American tourists who have tangibly appreciated the originality even retrieve objects such as buttons. Assemblies are embellished with Bisazza mosaic tiles, which sometimes leave space for fun, others lead to reflection as that refers to the Mexican painter Frida Kalo, the tragic character that is inspired by the work of wood and silicone that remains exposed among the others in this exhibition at the Bar handbag to 26 of Piazza dei Signori, all this month. The Allari has also spent his creations in the gallery in Milano Cristiano Arienti.
Marica Rossi
(Giornale di Vicenza - 18 September 2002)