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novembre 2004






Da From
Via Del Santo, 9 - Padova

Dresses irony, nonsense and clothes silicone

They have size, are well everything, are perfectly suited to the forms, you wash and dry in two minutes and, as if not enough, transformed: from evening gown to shade, from costume a jacket, from boesetta accessory to light. The fashion silicone Elvezia Allar arrives in the windows the center of Padua, with the exhibition "Clothes of irony." Sculpture and clothing accessories silicone for walking ephemeral daFrom at stores, via del Santo, that until November 31 exhibit bizarre creations the stylist Vicenza. Clothes and accessories in "soft silicone "handmade, jewelry or inpreziositi with pearls and mosaic tiles in gold leaf, which enhance the elegance, without detracting eccentricity and originality of the models. Transparent light, like the bikini life jacket, or even bright as "my Christmas dress" dress Evening in silicone and white flowers, combined with lights that turn on intermittently. As to extravagance, the accessories are no less. The artist who loves to personalize with a name all his creations, has designed the bracelets "carers" or necklace "so that you can take me affuzolato the neck. "

Corriere Del Veneto - 28 November 2004
Raffaella Galasso