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- The necklaces have been given different names such as territory strips, sliced territories bracelet and ring with micro territories to be reconstructed…geographical bikini, dress “made by half in italy, and, what about the rest?”, the “two-faced” bracelet: depending on your feelings you may turn it one way to see the Squillace gulf in Calabria, whilst on the other side you may see a tiny slice of the Adriatic Sea, leading into the Ionic Sea… We always see the home in which we live in , which we furnish, which we cure and decorate in every corner as our personal territory, when our sole and true territory is our body, where, day by day, depending on certain events we may create or destroy various territories, towns, roads, borders…the only true wealth we own is our body where, day by day, we may write together new geographies, throughout a research which may conduce us all to a proper, serene balance between us.