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galleria Elvezia Allari was born in Schio (Vi) on the 14th of September 1965. She attended the Art Institute of Nove (Bassano), ceramics section; all that was colour fascinated her, especially transformation, she wanted to learn, not with a technical spirit, but with a childish attitude. Since infancy she has been fascinated by the smell of paint of her grandfather’s workshop, and when she looked at his paintings, she invented small tales to tell her childhood friends. She qualifies herself as an architectural restorer, for stone and affresco. The contact with matter, everything that she could touch, move, examin, rebuild, gave her the idea of her own reality. She admits, even if quite banal, that everything she does is nearly a sort of therapy. She imagines, for everything that she sees and touches, a different collocation and a new life. That is exactly how her research starts, her personal game, with broken bottles, broken vases, from rags to scrap metal to create mobile, kinetic, caleidoscopic, rounded and mutant shapes. Seeing life as a transparent prism wouldn’t displease her …
There isn’t any sort of instruction manual for everything that she sees and transforms from the general idea, to a new and invented use. Privileged are poor materials, abandoned and forgotten objects in which she can find an abyss of secrets only waiting to be revealed. In her hands the commonest of refuted objects are reborn to a new life through uninhibited metamorphasis. The categories of new and old don’t exist anymore but colour themselves with the path of innovation. Here the sense of what’s useful and useless loses any borderline until it simply smoothens in the gust of esthetic pleasure. But also doing this “inverted” road, Elvezia changes pre-decided forms inventing objects that reach the verge of reality, experimenting materials which can’t be thought of in this renewed versatility.
Elenì Kaziki 2000