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"Recycling Perpetual"



via della Scola. 88 - VICENZA

Recycling perpetual
And you want to be recycled / a?
Look at us as well, everyone has a good story to tell, excavated in different places and brought to surface from a previous life.
Carefully collected and stripped of our primary aspect to be covered by curiosity, creativity, dress more ambitious, we, poor materials, back buttons to view the world is the representation everyone will want to give.
Poor then, but only because of initial design each of us brings wealth instead of knowing embedded in the imagination of those who are not satisfied common object of being trivial. And it is this the passion that transforms us, leaving you too that looks mean we invent your personal items no more pigeon-holed into a single function but ready to mix to put into play that also See you there.
And if you accept this game as a provocation to the predetermined as a revenge fantasy, as a desire not let me tell you once and for all what you are, then on recounts and you, as you would like to be recycled / a?
Elena Kazik 2001

"Artists for reuse and recycling"
Social cooperative TOGETHER
Resume in January 2001 with the initiative "Artists for reuse and recycling "that hosts this month a well known artist in town Elvezia Allar.
Recycling theme of the show ever.
What does it mean in fact be subject to money laundering for an object, a material for the visitor an exhibition?
Posters on the work exposure is nice view Allar's "Woman skeleton" inspired Inuit to a story reported in the book "Women they run with the wolves "by Clarissa Estes. "He could not say how it was then, perhaps the light of fire, or perhaps because he was a man. And slowly stretched out his hands and sweet words that mother would turn to his son, began to be released: - Here, here - free before the toes, then the ankles - well, here - continuing the night ..."< br> In the works of Elvezia Allar, the materials seem follow the same procedure through the fingers, singing, the heart of these pieces of glass, these coils metal, these pieces of pottery acquire new meaning and new life.
"And you, how would you like to be recycled / a?" Elvezia asks visitors to its exhibition.
As always, the works are reflected in retail space Cooperative social Together, among other items, furniture and clothes that have the fate of reuse and recycling.