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"The small universes "
Studio Elle Lina Zenere
Piazza dei Signori, 26 - VICENZA
(under the Basilica)

Elvezia Allar and small universes

Elvezia Allar has recently set up a personal exhibition at the Studio L by Lina Zenere.
Its characteristic is to be a writer minimalist: the scope by which it is essential ideas for their artistic research is a rich landscape American trial after World War II.
Minimal Art was established by the recovery of objects expired, broken, discarded that, considered in themselves, For the avoidance of their use, they become part of something once that is realized through their competition.
It 'functionality purely theoretical perspective. It 'a renewal of vision.
Despite the apparent refusal of the old aesthetic, bearing in mind the desire for renewal in respect that world hostile and bloodthirsty that existing consumer and ideals in the name of their selfish perpetual regeneration and the consequent rejection of the beautiful, the shining, the technological, functional, the artificial, the other form to which we must strive not seen yet detached from reality, rather it refers allusive, composed as appearances "similar" to be "symbols" of understanding general (eg kinetic code - genetic transformation; Flight of Icarus = objects fragile balance, which lose early).
So in "substance-generating" the paper rich corpuscles in a circle draws the roundness of the earth, the "game of love" display the symbol next to the east of Eros stones, bearers of positivity.
In "perpetual motion" we have the growth of the matter and the presence of the circle to remind us of the phenomena galactic.
It 'all a reminder of the knowledge of preexisting made with poor materials, such as the pungent fragments glass outside the nucleus, representing meteors directed against the Earth. The danger is invoked by a red background.
The attachment to concrete things, matter in His turn to the secrets of change, of composure, of change, movement, is clearly visible in Helvetia.
His message has an essential language: observing two neighboring stele (NDR "presence-absence") we follow the separation of matter and the subsequent again assembled for the presence of an intelligently higher.
In this historical overview, we also graffiti rudimentary. E 'hermetic symbolism, essential.
The mobility of these fragments included within slight metallic skeleton recalls the fragility of two "wings of a butterfly", entrusted to the wind; splints umbrella stretched, moving like a carousel, remind us of the recurrence of human affairs. Other titles: "eternity": that which is above life, the eternity of the property on the error, "reconstruction": reborn from the ruins.
The proposals would lead to materials, frames created ex novo, as at the time, casting around the glass paste; experimental fusion of metals at different temperatures with oxides and development of polymorphisms, indicate the need for action taken from the inside to reach a new meaning. Iconography coincides with the meaning of the object shown: in "Trinity" For example, three rounds identical matter, three worlds, correspond to the number and identity of parties and go to mean, in the metaphor, the evidence reality and the coincidence between logic and faith.
Doing simple crafts can be seen in mergers cooled roughly around the tiles of molten glass, in which metal assemblies and holes speak of the history of the object. Almost in an abacus (or fly paper or trap) Elvezia includes pretty bright objects, fragments of glass or plastic, pumas, indicating a point in the game and the danger, that deception.
She uses several different materials, to experiment, results of interesting formal approximation ( "my cat") testing and processing through the chemical decomposition and assembly copper - oxide - stone - wax - glass creation with wires of shapes allusive (untitled).
The acrylic crowns the juxtaposition between metals and plants; three round stones characterize the shape came from acrylic, balls of iron that evoke the human figure. Ring is a recurring motif, includes, surrounds, is round, then forever. Two welded rings shall bond and "reciprocity".
We are reminded of the "mobiles" by Alexander Calder, or even the "inventions" by Julio Le Parc; play of wind, graceful, rotating endlessly.
Think of the sculptures of David Smith in 1951 again and again the umbrella of the enlarged splints made of sun: the captured as a toy, in fact those slight light wires are indestructible, we are faced with an anti-sculpture, a contrast of bodies. The eye, the food chain: the deep bond between mother and child = motherhood.
That's compositions always free with no silhouettes silhouettes, unformed form attached to glassy sheets, films: the stones are eyes attendance. In the "woman skeleton" is the charge to ridiculous fashions of today: the femininity disappeared.
The order is random, the position of works is altered without the "thing" change the function and role of the front face of the viewer.
In "Maternity interrupted" we have a true drama: two half rounds held together by deep sutures in hard iron that highlight the scourge.
Finally, there is a transformed relation to laws of gravity, the stones fly through the leafy dried cling plastics, glass eyes become or flags, the holes are filled with horror (pack of butter).
This is Elvezia, a sorceress of the small object fragment recreated, reinvented the game of decomposition reconstructed name of a primitive global materic wisdom. Loves the elements of earth, would putting in place of a demiurge, an alchemist, world simply by remaking one of his significant, without words, a "kinetic-visual" of immediate intuition.

Luciana Peretti 1998